Elvish Yadav Watch Collection Is Classy

Youtuber Elvish Yadav watch collection has got some of the best luxury watches from brands such as Tissot, Casio, and Apple

Elvish Yadav is a prominent Indian YouTuber and content creator known for his witty comedic sketches and storytelling. Elvish has amassed a massive social following via his content and charismatic presence. He has over 12 million subscribers on his Youtube channel and over 11 million followers on his Instagram. Yadav’s YouTube channel features a range of entertaining content that resonates with youth culture and societal quirks. He has a net worth of over Rs. 10 Crore. Let’s look at what cool watches Elvish Yadav has got in his watch collection.

Apple Watch UltraRs. 89,900
Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph Rs. 45,500
Casio Edifice Ref. EFR-571AT-1A Rs. 13,400

1. Apple Watch Ultra – Rs. 89,900

Via – Apple

Starting with the Apple Watch Ultra in the Elvish Yadav watch collection. The Apple Watch Ultra pushes the boundaries of technology, design, and functionality. Built with a titanium alloy, the case ensures durability and elegance due to its polished and brushed finish. The watch offers a variety of fitness features making it among the most hardcore watch for the best of the athletes. The watch retails for Rs. 89,900 in the Indian market.

2. Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph – Rs. 45,500

VIa – Tissot

Next comes the Tissot Seaster 1000 in the Youtuber Elvish Yadav watch collection. The Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph Blue Dial Steel Watch is a true companion for diving enthusiasts and adventure seekers. It offers a combination of functionality, durability, and style making it a reliable and versatile timepiece that can accompany you on various journeys. This watch is a dependable and stylish partner for every occasion whether exploring the ocean’s depths or embarking on everyday adventure. The watch retails for around Rs. 45,500.

3. Casio Edifice Ref. EFR-571AT-1A – Rs. 13,400

Via – Kicks Crew

Next comes the Casio Edifice watch in the Elvish Yadav watch collection. The watch boasts a sleek and sophisticated design that captures attention with its stainless steel case and bracelet. It comes complemented by a black dial with striking silver accents and intricate detailing on the dial adds depth and character to the watch. The Edifice watch comes equipped with a chronograph function offering practicality alongside its aesthetics. The sub-dials, conveniently placed on the dial, allow for accurate measurement of elapsed time, making it a useful tool for timing various activities. The watch sells for around Rs. 13,400.


Elvish Yadav’s watch collection is a reflection of his multifaceted persona. It’s a fusion of casual comfort, sporty enthusiasm, and elegant flair, capturing his journey as a content creator and a connoisseur of timepieces. Just as he keeps his audience entertained and engaged, his watch choices showcase his ability to curate a collection that resonates with his ever-evolving style. Elvish Yadav watch collection is worth over Rs. 1.7 Lakh and has got some of the best luxury watches from Apple, Tissot, and Casio Edifice.

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