Ice Cube Watch Collection Is Minimalistic

Rapper Ice Cube watch collection has got some of the best luxury timepieces from Apple and TW Steel

Ice Cube, full name O’Shea Jackson, is a multifaceted American rapper, actor, producer, and filmmaker. He rose to fame as a member of the groundbreaking rap group N.W.A. and played a pivotal role in shaping West Coast hip-hop. His socially conscious lyrics and raw storytelling brought a distinct voice to the genre. Beyond music, he transitioned to a successful acting career, starring in iconic films like “Boyz n the Hood” and “Friday.” Ice Cube’s impact extends to entrepreneurship and activism, making him a prominent figure in entertainment and an advocate for social change. He has a net worth of over $160 million making him among the most successful artists in the industry. Let’s look at what cool watches Ice Cube has got in his watch collection.

Apple Watch Ultra $799
TW Steel CEO Tech Ref. CE4008$749
TW Steel Canteen Ref. TW1014 $649

1. Apple Watch Ultra – $799


Next comes the Apple Watch Ultra in the Ice Cube watch collection. The Apple Watch Ultra pushes the boundaries of technology, design, and functionality. Built with a titanium alloy, the case ensures durability and elegance due to its polished and brushed finish. The watch offers a variety of fitness features making it among the most hardcore watch for the best of the athletes. The watch retails for $799.

2. TW Steel CEO Tech Ref. CE4008 – $749

Via – TW Steel

Next comes the TW Steel CEO Tech Ref. CE4008 in the Ice Cube watch collection. The watch features a bold and modern design characterized by its oversized case and intricate detailing. This design captures attention and makes a strong style statement on the wrist. The CEO Tech Ref. CE4008 is equipped with advanced features such as chronograph functions, a tachymeter scale, and a date display. The watch retails for $759.

3. TW Steel Canteen Ref. TW1014 – $649

Via – TW Steel Watches

Next comes the TW Steel Canteen Ref. TW1014 in the Ice Cube watch collection. The watch features the signature canteen case design, characterized by its prominent crown cap and bold aesthetic. This design element gives the watch a unique and recognizable look. The Canteen is equipped with contemporary features, including a date display and luminous hands, enhancing its functionality and legibility, and is powered by a reliable Quartz movement. The watch retails for $649.


In conclusion, Ice Cube’s watch collection is a reflection of his remarkable journey and dynamic influence. Each timepiece in his collection tells a story that complements his legacy as a music pioneer, actor, and cultural trailblazer. His watch collection leaves an impression of style, coolness, and timeless charisma. The Ice Cube watch collection is worth around $2,000 and has some of the best luxury timepieces from Apple and TW Steel. We believe the businessman and actor have got several watches from TW Steel as he is the CEO of the company.

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