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The brand new Jacob & Co The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone Watch Review

In the realm of horology, one name stands out with exceptional prowess – Jacob & Co. Born from the vision of a singular individual, Jacob Arabo, renowned as “Jacob the Jeweller,” this brand has revolutionized watchmaking through its unparalleled blend of intricate design and mechanical marvels. From the awe-inspiring Astronomia collection to the revolutionary Bugatti watches housing authentic W16 engines, Jacob & Co. has consistently delivered uniqueness. Beyond being mere timepieces, these watches narrate a saga of origins, evolution, and family heritage, with one extraordinary watch at the heart of it all – the watch that ignited Jacob’s destined path. Uncover the captivating tale behind the new Jacob & Co The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone Watch.

BrandJacob & Co
ModelThe World Is Yours Dual Time Zone Ref. DT100.40.AA.AA.ABALA
Case18k rose gold case
Case size43 mm x 14 mm
Water resistance30 meters
MovementCalibre Jacob & Co. JCAA11
Movement specsSelf-Winding automatic movement, 33 jewels, 42 hr power reserve, 28,800 vph
StrapBlue Alligator Leather strap with 18K Rose Gold Pin Buckle
PriceUSD 57,000

The World Is Yours Dual Time – Design


The Jacob & Co The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone Watch embraces proportions that resonate with the Jacob & Co. aesthetic, striking a harmonious balance. With a modest 43mm diameter and 14mm height, the 18k polished rose gold case exudes a deliberate sleekness, ensuring the spotlight remains firmly on the exquisite dial. Classic elements abound; every contour is gracefully curved, the stepped bezel is elegantly rounded and slim to optimize dial space, and the crystal boasts a graceful dome.

A solid gold back adorned with a meticulously laser-engraved world map further signifies the watch’s essence. Yet, the pinnacle of this creation lies in its dial. Drawing inspiration from Jacob’s cherished vintage timepiece, it features a dual time display and a world map, with the East and West demarcating each dial’s periphery.

This design element harkens to a time when representations of the Western world held a sense of luxury, concealed from prying eyes. The blue lacquered base forms a canvas for intricately carved landmasses, treated with a rose gold galvanic finish. Two distinct hour and minute dials grace the dial, each marking an independent timezone. The domed dial’s apex features a wind rose, paying homage to the center’s seconds indication.

Innovative Mechanics: Powering the Journey

Via – Jacob & Co

The “The World Is Yours” Dual Time Zone Watch derives its heartbeat from an exclusive movement, an emblem of Jacob & Co.’s dedication to innovation. This proprietary movement orchestrates dual time zones, complete with hour and minute indications, elegantly aligned on either flank of a petite seconds display. Each timezone can be effortlessly adjusted using the crown, granting precision down to the minute. The foundation of this automatic movement, which underpins the time zone module, is rooted in an ETA base movement. Operating at a frequency of 4Hz and offering a power reserve of 42 hours, this movement is a testament to Jacob & Co.’s commitment to both heritage and modernity.


Wrapped in a luxurious blue alligator strap, the Jacob & Co The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone Watch emerges as a limited edition masterpiece, with a mere 999 pieces to grace discerning wrists. Priced at USD 57,000, this horological marvel encapsulates Jacob & Co.’s legacy and vision. For those seeking to embrace the narrative of time, innovation, and heritage, Jacob & Co The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone Watch awaits – an embodiment of horological excellence that echoes the journey of Jacob Arabo and his remarkable legacy.


In the realm of horology, few stories resonate as profoundly as that of Jacob & Co. and their iconic creation, “The World Is Yours” Dual Time Zone Watch. This remarkable timepiece isn’t just a testament to mechanical mastery; it’s a tangible connection to a heritage that spans continents and generations.

As the culmination of Jacob Arabo’s journey from Tashkent to New York City, this Jacob & Co The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone Watch weaves together the threads of innovation, nostalgia, and family legacy. From the moment young Jacob received a dual-time Wakmann from his father’s hands to the unveiling of this modern masterpiece, every tick of its mechanism echoes a story of ambition and craftsmanship.

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