Michelle Keegan Watch Collection Is Opulent

Actress Michelle Keegan watch collection includes some of the best timepieces from luxury watchmakers such as Rolex and Cartier

Michelle Keegan is a popular British actress who has established herself as a versatile and acclaimed talent in the entertainment industry. Rising to fame for her role in the popular television show “Coronation Street,” Keegan’s acting prowess, combined with her captivating beauty, has garnered her a dedicated fan base. Her ability to effortlessly transition between drama and comedy showcases her versatility. With her captivating presence and multi-faceted talent, Michelle Keegan continues to make her mark in the world of entertainment. Michelle has a net worth of over $15 million making her one of the most popular names in the industry. Let’s take a look at what cool watches actress Michelle Keegan has got in her lovely watch collection.

Rolex Lady Datejust 28 Ref. 279178 $28,000
Cartier Roadster Steel Automatic Ref. W62000V3$5,000
Apple Watch Series 8 $399

1. Rolex Lady Datejust 28 Ref. 279178 – $28,000

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Starting with the Rolex Lady Datejust 28 Ref. 279178 in the actress Michelle Keegan watch collection. The Rolex Lady Datejust 28 Ref. 279178 stands as an embodiment of timeless elegance and luxury. Crafted with precision, the Lady Datejust 28 showcases a refined design that graces the wrist with timeless elegance. The 28mm case and the fluted are meticulously fashioned from 18k yellow gold and strike a balance between classic proportions and contemporary aesthetics. Powered by Rolex’s in-house movement, this Datejust is among the most impressive timepieces in the industry.

2. Cartier Roadster Steel Automatic Ref. W62000V3 – $5,000

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Next comes the Cartier Roadster in the Michelle Keegan watch collection. This Cartier is among the most sought-after timepieces having a long history behind with and being on the wrist of some of the most influential personalities in the world. The Roadster presents a magnificent stainless steel case and a steel link bracelet. The watch works on an automatic movement and sells for around $5,000 in the grey market.

3. Apple Watch Series 8 – $399


The actress has also got a cool Apple Watch. Next comes the Apple Watch Series 8 in the Michelle Keegan watch collection. The Series 8 elevates the concept of a smartwatch, transcending mere functionality to become an essential companion for modern life. Priced at $399, it offers an array of features that cater to health, connectivity, personalization, and style. As technology and fashion converge, the Series 8 sets a new standard for smartwatches, reaffirming Apple’s status as an industry innovator.


In conclusion, Michelle’s watch collection is a reflection of her multifaceted personality and evolving fashion sense. From classic elegance to modern chic, each timepiece represents a facet of her style journey. The Michelle Keegan watch collection is worth over $35,000 and has got some wonderful and delicate timepieces from Rolex and Cartier.

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