Shehnaaz Gill Watch Collection Is Splendid

Actress Shehnaaz Gill watch collection has some of the best luxury timepieces from watchmakers such as Cartier and Tissot

Shehnaaz Kaur Gill is a popular dynamic Indian actress, and singer who has captured hearts with her vibrant personality and versatile talents. Rising to fame through reality television, she earned a massive fan base for her authenticity and effervescent charm. Shehnaaz’s journey has transcended into Punjabi cinema, where her performances have garnered praise. Her magnetic presence on social media platforms has further solidified her as a cultural icon. Shehnaaz is among the most popular celebrities in the industry and has a net worth of over Rs. Crore. Let’s look at her amazing watch collection.

Panthere de Cartier Small Ref. WSPN0006Rs. 3.4 Lakh
Tissot PR 100 Sport ChicRs. 51,000
Apple Watch Series 8Rs. 45,900

1. Panthere de Cartier Small Ref. WSPN0006 – Rs. 3.4 Lakh

Via – Cartier

Starting with the Panthère de Cartier Small Ref. WSPN0006 in the actress Shehnaaz Gill watch collection. This timepiece captures the essence of the Panthère collection with its exquisite design and craftsmanship. The Cartier features a small-sized stainless steel case that beautifully showcases the panther-spotted pattern on the dial, symbolizing grace and power. The black Roman numerals and blued steel hands provide a classic touch against the white background. Powered by a quartz movement, the watch offers precision and reliability. This Cartier Panthere Steel retails for Rs. 3.4 Lakh in the market.

2. Tissot PR 100 Sport Chic – Rs. 51,000

Via – Tissot

Next comes the Tissot PR 100 Sport Chic in the actress Shehnaaz Gill watch collection. This timepiece captures the essence of versatile elegance with its dynamic yet sophisticated appearance. The round stainless steel case exudes durability, while the mother-of-pearl dial adds a touch of refinement. The diamond hour markers and slim hands further enhance its graceful aesthetics. The watch seamlessly transitions from active pursuits to stylish outings, making it suitable for various occasions. With a Swiss quartz movement, it ensures precision and reliability. The Tissot PR 100 Sport Chic Ref. T101.910.22.116.00 sells for Rs. 51,000.

3. Apple Watch Series 8 – Rs. 45,900

Via – Apple

Next comes the Apple Watch Series 8 in the Shehnaaz Gill watch collection. The Series 8 redefines wearable technology with its sleek design and advanced features. Boasting a larger and always-on Retina display, it offers enhanced readability and usability. Its robust health monitoring capabilities include a new suite of wellness sensors, elevating personal health tracking. The Series 8’s faster processor and improved connectivity enable seamless multitasking and smoother interactions. With a focus on fitness, it offers new workout modes and coaching tools. Its elegant design options and compatibility with various bands make it a versatile accessory. The Apple Watch Series 8 retails for Rs. 45,900 in the Indian market.


In conclusion, Shehnaaz Gill’s watch collection serves as a testament to her evolving persona and eclectic taste. Just as she effortlessly transitions between roles in the entertainment world, her choice of timepieces reflects her versatility. From elegant classics that radiate timeless grace to contemporary designs that embody modern trends, her collection is a visual journey of her style evolution. Each watch encapsulates moments, memories, and aspirations, mirroring her dynamic journey in the limelight. Shehnaaz Gill watch collection is worth over Rs. 5 Lakh and has got some of the best luxury timepieces from Cartier and Tissot.

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