Thai Rapper Lisa Watch Collection Is Beautiful

Thai Rapper Lisa watch collection has got some of the best watches from luxury watchmakers from Cartier, and Bulgari.

Lalisa Manobal, famously known as Lisa is a Thai, singer, rapper, and dancer who is popular for being a member of the K-pop girl band, BlackPink. Lisa is among the most influential and popular celebrities in the world with an enormous following on her social media. Lisa went out to release her solo debut with her album Lalisa which sold nearly 1 million copies worldwide. She is a recipient of several big awards and is among the most successful artists in the industry with a net worth of over $15 million. Let’s look at what cool watches Thai rapper, Lalisa has got in her amazing watch collection.

Bulgari Bulgari X Lisa Limited Edition$7,300
Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Stainless Steel$6,200
Panthere de Cartier$4,500

1. Bulgari Bulgari X Lisa Limited Edition – $7,300

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Bulgari is known for its high-end premium watch collection, and Lisa has got it in her collection. Starting with the Bulgari Bulgari X Lisa in the Rapper Lisa watch collection. The watch offers a stunning stainless-steel constructed case and comes with a steel bracelet. The Bulgari X Lisa features a gorgeous dial with a gold bezel and gold markers and hands. The watch retails for over $7,300 in the market.

2. Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Stainless Steel – $6,200


Next comes the gorgeous Bulgari Serpenti Stainless Steel in the Lisa watch collection. The Serpenti Tubogas offers a stunning steel constructed case with a stainless steel bracelet. The watch features a stunning black dial with steel Roman counters and markers with steel hands and automatic movement. The watch retails for over $7,300 in the market.

3. Panthere de Cartier – $4,500


Next comes the Panthere de Cartier in the Thai rapper Lisa watch collection. The Blackpink star is a fan of the expensive Cartier in her collection. The watch offers an elegant stainless steel case and a steel bracelet with a steel bezel. The Panthere Cartier features a silver dial with black Roman counters and hands with automatic movement. The watch retails for over $4,500 in the secondary market.


in this article, we talked about popular Thai Rapper Lisa and her expensive watch collection. Lisa is a member of the all-girl K-pop band Blackpink and is among the most popular and successful artists in the world. Blackpink star Lisa watch collection is worth over $50k and includes some of the best timepieces from luxury watchmakers such as Bulgari and Cartier.

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