Barack Obama Watch Collection Is Precious

This is the watch collection of former U.S President Barack Obama

Barack Obama watch collection has some of the best and simple-looking watches from Rolex, Jorg Gray, and Activity Black. During his eight years of presidency, the 44th president of the United States wore the same watch. But apart from his go-to watch, Barack Obama has some cool timepieces in his possession. Let’s look at what cool watches the former President of the United States has got in his amazing watch collection.

1. Rolex Cellini


Starting with the Rolex Cellini that became Obama’s go-to watch before and after his presidency ended. Barack Obama watch collection is empty with his everyday Rolex which defined the simplicity and prestige of his post and their job towards the country. The watch features a 39mm dial with an elegant-looing white gold case and sells for $11,000.

2. Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph


Next comes the Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph, Obama’s choice for special occasions and attendings. This was a gift for Barack on his 46th birthday during his presidency. The watch became so popular that it became the most searched watch on the internet in 2009. The watch features stunning looks with its quartz moving crystal inside and became available in the white house gift shop thanks to its huge popularity. The watch is not that expensive and can be bought for around $400.

3. Activity Black X Teleport Chronograph

Activity Black

The community of many watch enthusiasts went bonkers when Barack posted a picture celebrating the new year. Many people saw his watch he guessed it might be an Audemars Piguet or a Hublot Big Bang. But in fact, this watch is from a company named Activity Black. A complety-black owned brand that offers various types o clothing and wearables. Activity Black collaborated with Teleport watches to make this watch. It costs fairly cheap and can be bought for around $300.


Former President of the United States Barack Obama has a simple yet unique watch collection. His collection includes a Rolex, but the other watches come fairly cheap compared to it. His collection is worth around $26,000 and has cool watches from Jorg Gray, Activity Black, and Rolex.

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