Chiara Ferragni Watch Collection Is High-End

Chiara Ferragni watch collection has some of the coolest watches from luxury watchmakers such as Hublot, Bulgari, and Omega

Chiara Ferragni, a prominent Italian fashion influencer, entrepreneur, and designer, has made a significant impact in the fashion industry with her unique sense of style and trendsetting fashion choices. As a fashion icon with a massive following, Chiara Ferragni’s watch collection reflects her bold and eclectic taste, showcasing a diverse range of timepieces that perfectly complement her fashionable ensembles. She is among the most popular personalities in the fashion industry and has a net worth of over $20 million. Let’s explore Chiara Ferragni’s watch collection and the stunning timepieces that grace her wrist.

Hublot Big Bang Integral King Gold Pave Diamonds $111,000
Bulgari Diamonds Serpenti 18k White Gold $75,000
Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 40th Anniversaery Moonshine Gold $40,100

1. Hublot Big Bang Integral King Gold Pave Diamonds – $111,000

Chiara-Ferragni-Watch-Collection-Hublot-Big-Bang-Integral-King-Gold Pave-Diamonds
Via – Hublot

Starting with the Hublot Big Bang Integral King Gold Pave Diamonds in the Chiara Ferragni watch collection. The Hublot Big Bang Integral King Gold Pave Diamonds is a masterpiece that combines the brand’s iconic design with the brilliance of diamonds and the richness of King Gold. The watch features a stunning pave diamond setting, where the case, bezel, and bracelet are adorned with dazzling diamonds, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of brilliance. Combined with its skeletonized dial and a reliable auto engine inside, this Hublot is an all-packaged deal every luxury watch buyer has to have in their collection. The watch retails for $111k.

2. Bulgari Diamonds Serpenti 18k White Gold – $75,000

Via – Christie’s

Next comes the Bulgari Diamond Serpenti in the Chiara Ferragni watch collection. Crafted from luxurious 18k white gold, the Bulgari Diamonds Serpenti exudes a radiant and lustrous charm that beautifully complements the brilliance of the diamonds adorning the piece. The choice of white gold provides a contemporary touch to the timeless design, making it an exquisite accessory that transcends trends and time. The Diamond Serpenti sells for $75,000 in the secondary market.

3. Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Moonshine Gold – $40,100

Via – Omega Watches

Chiara has also been spotted wearing a stunning Omega watch. Next comes the Omega Speedmaster 40th anniversary in the Ciara Ferragni watch collection. The Omega Speedmaster holds a revered place in history. As the first watch worn on the moon during the iconic Apollo 11 mission, the Speedmaster cemented its status as an emblem of exploration and human achievement. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this historic milestone, Omega introduced the exquisite Speedmaster Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Moonshine Gold. The watch retails for $40,100.


In conclusion, Chiara Ferragni’s watch collection is a captivating fusion of boldness, diversity, and individuality. From classic elegance to trendy statements, her assortment of luxury timepieces reflects her fearless approach to fashion and her ability to inspire the fashion community. As she continues to evolve as a style icon and entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni watch collection is worth over $500,000 and remains a symbol of her unwavering confidence and creativity in the ever-changing world of fashion.

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