Donald Trump Watch Collection Is Worth $100k

This is the expensive watch collection of Donald Trump

Donald Trump watch collection includes some of the best vintage timepieces from Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron which are worth thousands of dollars. Donald was the 45th president of the United States and has been among the most influential people be it his populous business figure or his political career. He is among the world’s biggest public figures with his appealing media presence and luxury lifestyle thanks to his successful business career and made net worth of over $3.2 billion. As a wrist enthusiast, the former US president has among the best ones you can find, let’s dig in and look at Trump’s watch collection that goes all gold.

1. 1968 Vacheron Constantin Historiques


Starting the Donald Trump watch collection with his vintage 1968 Vecheron Constantine Historique. The ultra-thin watch with its square looks offers refinement and is among the few watches that classic watch collectors buy. The watch features a and presents thin silver stick indices and hands. The Vecheron Constantine’s Historique sells for around $32,000 in the secondary markets.

2. Patek Philippe Ellipse

Oracle Time

The Patek Philippe is among the best and most popular watches to have. The Late Queen Elizabeth and popular American Rapper Drake are among the few influential names who own this classic Golden Ellipse watch. Trump wore his classic Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse at the 1990 Circa and instantly got famous. The watch sells for around $24,000 in the secondary markets.

3. Rolex Day-Date Gold 18038

Rocks and Clocks

Talking about one of the world’s richest and most influential people and not talking about Rolexes won’t do justice to this list. Donald Trump watch collection includes a Rolex Day-Date 18038 with is 18k gold case and gold all over the watch. The watch features a stunning design with its precision timing and infamous dial with day and date packed inside a gold case. Trump is in the line with some of the very few presidents who wore classic Rolexes during their presidencies. Thanks to its rarity and demand, the watch sells for over $18,000 in various secondary markets.


Donald Trump is among the world’s most prominent and most influential personalities with his incredibly large business empire and being the 45th US PresidenshipPresidentship. Throughout his time in the white house as well as the staggering wealthy empire that he has built over three decades. His watch collection is worth over $100k and includes some of the finest timepieces from of the best luxury watchmakers.

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