Introducing Labails Temerity Ciel: A Timepiece Beyond Imagination

The Labails Temerity Ciel – A Special Edition Prestige in the Haute Horology World

LABAILS is renowned for its exclusive positioning and relentless pursuit of excellence. The Labails Temerity Ciel is dedicated to individuals who share unwavering ambition, and those who aspire to reach for the sky. The Temerity Ciel is a symbol of Labails’ philosophy to empower its future owner with a profound sense of purpose.

The Birth of Temerity Ciel

Source: Labails

The Labails Temerity Ciel was born where design and mechanics harmoniously embody LABAILS’ values. The watchmaker created a timepiece offering exceptional precision at high and low frequencies. This method had its challenges of high energy consumption and precision issues in the long term.

To counter that, the company devised a unique architecture that focused on energy management. It integrates two kinematic chains into one, one for the primary hours and minutes function and an optional high-frequency chronograph. This innovative architecture is governed by an exclusive Energy Management Optimization System, developed by LABAILS.

Precision Beyond Movement

Source; Labails

The primary function of Temerity Ciel is to display hours and minutes with unparalleled accuracy. It packs a 3Hz escapement and balance-wheel system, seamlessly integrated into a 60-second tourbillon. This choice optimizes power reserve and minimizes the impact of gravity on timekeeping precision.

The watchmaker implemented a variable-inertia balance wheel equipped with four adjustment screws to ensure the regulator’s calibration remains accurate. The stop-second mechanism, part of the 60-second tourbillon’s cage, allows precise time adjustment with a marker embedded in the cage.

The measurement of short intervals has always posed a challenge in mechanical horology. By dedicating a high-frequency regulator with a 10Hz balance wheel to this function, Temerity can accurately time events lasting up to 5 hours, with a display accuracy of 5 hundredths a second. The 10 Hz-regulator oscillates 10 times per second, translating to 20 position changes per second (72,000 times per hour), or a change every 5 hundredths of a second. Labails employed a variable-inertia balance wheel with four adjustment screws to ensure optimal calibration.

Complexity made easy

For easy readability, three hands adorn three separate dials: one for jumping minutes, one for seconds, and one for fifths of a second. The latter is divided into three one-second segments, with the fifths of a second hand rotating at an angular speed of 120° per second—a perfect balance between speed, smooth motion, and readability.

To achieve this rotation speed, the chronograph hands are crafted from lightweight aluminum, with a density of only 2.7 g/cm³. This choice optimizes the torque-rotation speed relationship by minimizing hand inertia. The fifth-of-a-second hand’s rotation speed epitomizes the fine measurement capability of Temerity.

Innovative Chronograph Control

The Labails Temerity Ciel offers a chronograph function with two pushes Start/Stop and Reset. The vertical clutch system, controlled by a column wheel, ensures precise operation, guaranteeing a perfect start. Despite its high-frequency chronograph function, the innovative architecture, coupled with dual barrels, grants Temerity up to 5 days of power reserve for the primary function alone.

  • In Eco mode (energy-saving), the energy source is solely dedicated to the primary function, resulting in low energy consumption. The high-frequency kinematic chain remains inactive, preserving power.
  • In Sports mode, the energy source powers both primary and secondary functions. The high-frequency balance wheel operates, enabling the chronograph for event timing. Energy consumption is higher in this mode, but when the remaining power reserve reaches 24 hours, the high-frequency balance wheel is automatically disabled, ensuring an uninterrupted primary function.

The deliberate desynchronization between engaging in Sports mode and starting the chronograph provides the necessary time for the high-frequency balance wheel to reach its nominal oscillation, guaranteeing precise measurement from the moment it’s activated.

Unparalleled Comfort and Craftsmanship

Source: Labails

The Labails Temerity Ciel prioritizes user comfort, meticulously designed for ergonomic excellence. Temerity incorporates over 600 components while utilizing lightweight technical materials with a total expected weight of only 92 grams (excluding the strap). The ergonomic case conforms to the wrist’s shape, ensuring a comfortable fit. Its push buttons and crown provide ample support surface that minimizes pressure sensation and ensures a secure grip. The watch also offers three distinct dials that display chronograph measurements that allow users to effortlessly and intuitively read elapsed time.


ModelTemerity Ciel
CaseYttrium aluminum garnet and sapphire case
Dimensions51.95 x 48 x 16.8 mm
Water resistance50 meters
MovementLow-frequency tourbillon and high-frequency chronograph functions
Movement specs120-hour power reserve, 551 components, 65 jewels, Eco & Sport modes, 3 Hz,
StrapFKM strap with titanium fixing inserts and polished and satin-finished rose gold pin buckle
PriceCHF 3,000,000 limited to only 1 piece


In summary, the Labails Temerity Ciel embodies the epitome of horological artistry, engineering ingenuity, and aesthetic elegance, making it a rare and unparalleled treasure for discerning connoisseurs of haute horology. Temerity by LABAILS is truly an extraordinary timepiece. The complexity of its movement and the Yttrium aluminum garnet and sapphire case translates into an arduous and lengthy production process that demands the expertise of the finest watchmakers throughout. Consequently, only one of these unique masterpieces will be produced, exclusively upon request.

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