Italian Police Arrested Four For Stealing F1 Driver Charles Leclerc’s Richard Mille Watch

Ferrari’s Formula One driver spotted chasing thieves who stole Charles Leclerc’s Richard Mille watch worth over $2 million

Italian Police have arrested four for stealing the F1 star Charles Leclerc’s Richard Miile watch. The wanted four thieves stole Charles Leclerc’s $256k Richard Mille watch last year. In a video released by the security cameras, the F1 driver is seen chasing the thieves with his Ferrari 488 Speciale supercar. Last April, two men came on a scooter to take a selfie with Leclerc and stole his exclusive Richard Mille watch from his wrist. The authorities have arrested four men associated with the stealing of Leclerc’s expensive watch and also found one another expensive watch from them.

About the watch:

Popular luxury watchmaker Richard Mille collaborated with the Ferrari driver to make the special edition Charles Leclerc watch. The watchmaker customized their iconic RM 62-02 Tourbillon with a custom red and white quartz titanium case paired with red strap o match the Ferrari’s iconic color scheme. The Charles Leclerc watch features a grade 5 titanium hand pained dial with a skeletonized automatic-winding caliber CRMA7 movement developed in-house. The watch’s estimated value is rated above $2.3 million and is among the most expensive watch in Leclerc’s collection.

Which watch did the thieves stole whom Leclerc was chasing

The thieves stole his custom made Richard Mille RM 67-02 Tourbillon Charles Leclerc Prototype

How much is the Richard Mille RM 67-02 Charles Leclerc worth?

The estimated value of the Richard Mille RM 67-02 is over $2.3 million

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