Neeraj Chopra Watch Collection Is Flashy

Olympic Medalist Neeraj Chopra watch collection has got some of the best luxury timepieces from popular watch brands such as Tissot, Apple, & Casio G-Shock

Neeraj Chopra is a remarkable Indian athlete who has left an indelible mark in the world of sports. He specializes in javelin throw and is celebrated for his extraordinary achievements. Neeraj gained international recognition by clinching the gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, becoming India’s first-ever Olympic champion in track and field. His throw of 86.48 meters showcased exceptional skill and determination. He is among the most influential and popular figures in the industry with a net worth of Rs. 25 Crore. Let’s look at Neeraj’s watch collection.

Tissot T-Race MotoGP Analog Ref. T1154173705701Rs. 56,000
Apple Watch Series 8Rs. 45,900
Casio G-Shock GA-110HT-7ARs. 10,995

1. Tissot T-Race MotoGP Analog Ref. T1154173705701 – Rs. 56,000

Via – MPGC

Starting with the Tissot T-Race MotoGP Analog in the Neeraj Chopra watch collection. Inspired by the adrenaline-pumping MotoGP races, this watch exudes dynamic design and precision. Its black and orange color scheme pays homage to racing aesthetics. The chronograph function, with sub-dials reminiscent of dashboard instruments, captures split-second moments with accuracy. The stainless steel case ensures durability, while the sapphire crystal protects against scratches. With a tire-tread pattern on the strap and pushers resembling brake calipers, the watch immerses wearers in the excitement of the track. The watch sells for Rs. 56,000 in the grey market.

2. Apple Watch Series 8 – Rs. 45,900

Via – Apple

Next comes the Apple Watch Series 8 in the athlete Neeraj Chopra watch collection. The Apple Watch is a testament to innovation and technology. With its iconic square design and a range of unique watch faces, the Series 8 caters to individual style preferences. The brighter and larger screen size enhances visibility, while the watch’s durability ensures it’s ready for daily wear. Compatibility with a wide range of apps, cellular connectivity, and the convenience of Apple Pay further elevate its functionality. The Apple Watch Series 8 retails for $399.

3. Casio G-Shock GA-110HT-7A – Rs. 10,995

Via – Casio

Next comes the Casio G-Shock GA-110HT-7A in the Neeraj Chopra watch collection. With its striking design, this timepiece encapsulates the G-Shock spirit – built to withstand the harshest conditions. The watch features a shock-resistant structure, anti-magnetic properties, and water resistance, making it ideal for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Its analog-digital display offers a blend of classic and modern aesthetics, while functionalities like world time, stopwatch, and countdown timer enhance its utility. The GA-110HT-7A is not only a reliable timekeeping companion but also a fashion statement, with its bold white case and intricate detailing. It retails for $10,995 in the market.


In conclusion, Neeraj Chopra’s watch collection not only reflects his exceptional talent in athletics but also his refined taste and style. Just as he has mastered the art of javelin throw, his collection showcases a keen eye for craftsmanship and design. The Neeraj Chopra watch collection is worth over Rs. 1.2 Lakh and has got some of the best timepieces from Tissot and Casio G-Shock.

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