Top 10 Affordable Luxury Watches Under $1000

These are the top 10 affordable luxury watches under $1000 you can buy in 2023

The current watch market is filled with high-end luxury watches, some offering an incredible blend of luxury, and others offering enormous innovation with complicated engineering. But as an entry-level buyers, many people want more things and fluid designs under an affordable budget. Because as we all know, we are not all as rich as some of the target audience of these watches. After a popular demand we are here with a list of the best watches under affordable watches. These watches feature a gorgeous design with an incredibly built body and offer a stunning appeal to them. Here are the best affordable luxury watches under $1000 you can buy now.

1. Tag Heuer Formula 1 Quartz – $1,000

Tag Heuer

Starting with the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Quartz, a sleek-looking watch considered among the best affordable luxury watches under $1000. The watchmaker tapped into the mass audience who love the ultimate racing sport with its Formula 1 edition watch. The watch features a beautiful black-and-white aesthetic with a red accented scheme making it recognizable from afar.

2. Ciga Design Series U Blue Planet – $999

Gear Petrol

Next comes the Ciga Design Series U Blue Planet in the most affordable luxury watches under $1000. The Blue Planet was among the best launches from the watchmaker last year offering brilliant design and precision timing. The Blue Planet features a gorgeous dial with a top-down view of the Earth. The motif of the Earth spins as time passes with the compass showing the time.

3. Farer Durham – $995

Farer Watches

Farer is among the coolest watchmakers that have a unique catalog of cool-looing watches that offers a perfect mix of both vintage design and modern architecture. The Farer Durham features a stunning steel case with a salmon and slate gray dial and offers a gorgeous appeal considering its entry-level pricing.

4. MTM Silver Falcon – $985

MTM Watches

The MTM Silver Falcon is among the most beautiful-looking timepieces with its sturdy titanium case and inspiration from the Military. The Silver Falcon features a lightweight 44 mm titanium case and carbon fiber dial fitted with an in-built illumination system. The power comes from a small rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will last a long time in your watch-owning experience.

5. Benrus Sea Lord – $895


The Sea Lord has been one of the most successful watch lineups for the watchmaker and is among the most consistent watch collections. The Benrus Sea Lord offers a modern-looking design and black bezel designed to look appealing looks as a good diver watch. Being a diver’s watch doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be worn with a casual or a formal outfit, the watch blends well with every outfit making it among the best affordable luxury watches under $1000.

6. Mondaine Evo2 Automatic – $735

Watch time

Next comes the Mondaine Evo2 AUtomatic with its minimal design and among the best simple-looking watches. The Evo2 features a sleek design with its large 43 mm case size and comes in various color and strap options. The watch presents a refreshed design which is scarce in the industry. The Evo2 Auomatic’s cool design and affordable starting price make it worthy of our list.

7. Hoffman Octance Mechanical – $699

Time Transformed

The Hoffman Octance Mechanical is among the best chronograph watches with its vintage design and new Racing 40 Mechanical. The watch features a minimalistic retro dial, black bezel, and hand-wound mechanical movement and is offered in multiple dial options and strap options.

8. Ferro Distinct 3 Vintage – $685

Ferro & Company Watches

Next comes the Ferro Distinct 3 Vintage with its gorgeous design and is among the best affordable luxury watches under $1000. The Distinct 3 Vintage offers a stunning Le Mans-inspired dial with a single-hour hand and 42 mm stainless steel case paired with a leather strap. The company offers the watch in various dial options and straps that makes it an incredible watch to buy.

9. Nodus Sector Dive Seaform – $500

Nodus Watches

Watches from Nodus have always been among the best watches with their unique design and affordable pricing. The Nodus Sector Dive Seaform is among them offering a sleek design and among the best budget diver watches under $1000. The watch features a stylish stainless steel 39 mm case with a carbon bezel and comes with a snug-fit 7-link bracelet for a comfortable fit.

10. Xeric Regulator Automatic – $499

Fash Bands

Last but not least comes the Xeric Regulator Automatic Silver Bullet with its gorgeous design and automatic movement. The watch features a cool Regulator dial that separates its dial into subdials for the hour and minute hands. The watch offers a cool appeal and is among the most stylish-looking watches on this list that you can buy for under $1000.

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