Top 10 Best Budget Watches Under $100 In 2023

These are the top 10 best budget watches under $100 in 2023

Everybody likes cool watches either for their fancy dress up or their u functionality. These watches offer a brilliant design and offer accurate timing which makes them an easy buy. When we talk about watches, most people think of the ultra-luxury ones from Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, or Rolex. In this article we will talk about the budget watches that you can buy for under $100. These affordable timepieces offer a pleasant design and offer good functionality for the price. These budget watches offer a unique design and come with a perfect match no matter what you wear. Let’s dig in and look at the best watches under $100 in 2023 that you can buy.

Citizen NH8530-03E$100
Seiko 5 SNK57$100
Casio A1000$100
Braun BN0024 Classic$98
Invicta 1953 Pro Diver$89
Seiko Field Watch SNK803$89
Timex Expedition Scout 40MM$42
Casio AE1300$30

1. Citizen NH8530-03E – $100


Starting with the Citizen NH8530-03E which is among the best budget watches under $100 to buy. The watch features a sleek aesthetic with its gorgeous stainless steel case and comes with a black dial that elevates its sleek vibe along with the thin polished hands and hour markers and a day-date complication at 3 o’clock.

2. Seiko 5 SNK57 – $100


The Seiko 5 SNK57 is a great option if you want a great dress-up watch and one that fits your every kind of outfit as well offers good functionality then this is the one for you. The watch features an appealing brushed stainless steel case with a white dial that comes with a day-date complication at 3 o’clock.

3. Casio A1000 – $100


The Casio A1000 is for those who want a fancy timepiece with a fresh look at gives a vintage vibe as well offer cool aesthetics to match with any kind of occasion. The watch comes with a durable steel case matched with a mesh steel bracelet and offers a digital layout of the time with nifty features that buyers love about the brand.

4. Braun BN0024 Classic – $98

Braun Clocks

The Braun BN0024 Classic is a cool watch for buyers who seek a simple design with its steel case and comes with a comfortable leather strap that offers impressive looks. The watch comes with a white dial with black hands and comes with a seconds subdial at 6 o’clock along with a Quartz movement.

5. Invicta 1953 Pro Diver – $89


Next comes the Invicta 1953 Pro Diver watch with its Rolex-inspired design but offers value-for-money specs packed at an affordable price. The watch comes with a sleek steel case along with a metal rotating bezel that can be bought with either two-tone color or other solid color schemes. The watch features a black dial with luminescent markers and indices and offers a water resistance of 200 meters which makes it a perfect diver’s watch on a budget.

6. Seiko Field Watch SNK803 – $89

Millienary Watches

Next comes the Seiko Field Watch SNK803 which easily fits in our list of the best budget watches under $100 to buy. The watch is among the best field watches with its utility providing a white dial with great attention to detail and offering good everyday use. The SNK803 features a gorgeous dial with an arrow at 12 o’clock and comes with a day-date window at 3 o’clock and a luminescent dial that glows pretty bright in the dark.

7. Casio G-Shock DW-5600 – $80

Ben’s Watch Club

Next comes the Casio G-Shock DW-5600 which appeals to buyers with its premium design that looks fancy thanks to its cool dress-up vibe you will experience with almost all Casio watches. The watch comes with a plastic case and strap and offers a good sense of appeal with its digital dial.

8. Orion SP Flight – $80


The Orion SP Flight watch comes as a good dress-up watch that offers a terrific design which many budget watch buyers love. You can wear the watch with almost everything thanks to its brilliant black and white aesthetic dial matched with a stunning steel case and steel bracelet.

9. Timex Expedition Scout 40MM – $42


Timex is a popular watchmaker in the budget segment that makes one of the best fields watches with beautiful designs and offers good utility for the price. The Timex Expedition Scout comes with a large 40 mm brass and LLB case matched with a rugged fabric strap that offers good comfort and reliability. The watch comes with a black dial that offers good attention to detail with luminescent hands and uses a Quartz movement and is among the best budget watches under $100 to buy.

10. Casio AE1300 – $30


Casio offers cool funky-looking watches under every budget segment offering affluent design and automatic display that makes them one of the most talked about watches for the price. The AE1300 comes with a comfortable plastic strap and a plastic case and offers a good digital display that gives good information and utility.


In this article we have talked about the best budget watches under $100 that you can buy in 2023. These budget watches offer an appealing design with good aesthetics and offers good utility for the price. They can be worn every day and offers good comfort and come as a good dress-up watch.

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