Vachenon Constantin Les Cabinotiers Armillary Tourbillon – Price, Design & Features

Les Cabinotiers Armillary Tourbillon Ref. 9880C/000A-182C: Vacheron Constantin’s Unique Timepiece for Rolls-Royce Amethyst Droptail – Review

Luxury aficionados often find themselves enchanted by both opulent automobiles and exquisite timepieces. This shared appreciation led to a remarkable collaboration between Vacheron Constantin, the prestigious watch Manufacturer, and Rolls-Royce, the renowned British luxury house. In response to a discerning client’s request, Vacheron Constantin crafted a one-of-a-kind timepiece tailored for the interior of the Rolls-Royce Amethyst Droptail, an exceptional Coachbuild commission. This fusion of fine craftsmanship and mechanical mastery resulted in the creation of the Les Cabinotiers Armillary Tourbillon, a horological marvel that seamlessly complements the elegance of the Rolls-Royce masterpiece.

BrandVacheron Constantin
ModelLes Cabinotiers Armillary Tourbillon Ref. 9880C/000A-182C
CaseStainless steel
Case size43.8 mm x 19.9 mm
Water resistanceN/A
MovementVacheron Constantin Caliber 1990 Movement
Movement specsManual-wind movement, 58-hour power reserve, 2.5 Hz, 45 jewels,


Via – Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin, synonymous with impeccable watchmaking, embraced a unique challenge when approached by a client who sought a horological masterpiece to grace the interior of their Rolls-Royce Amethyst Droptail. This request was anything but ordinary, requiring a watch that seamlessly blended with the car’s bespoke interior while adhering to rigorous engineering standards.

The distinguished Les Cabinotiers department, known for its bespoke creations, enthusiastically accepted this distinctive project. Although Vacheron Constantin had previously designed watches for automobiles in its history, this collaboration marked a milestone in its modern era. The collaboration was fueled by a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship.

Harmonizing Artistry and Engineering: A Technical Triumph

Via – Vacheron Constantin

A Fusion of Expertise

The successful integration of the Les Cabinotiers Armillary Tourbillon within the Rolls-Royce Amethyst Droptail’s fascia panel was a result of a meticulous partnership between Vacheron Constantin’s master watchmakers and Rolls-Royce’s Coachbuild design team. This collaboration ensured that the watch’s form, materials, and colors harmonized seamlessly with the car’s luxurious environment.

Driven by Innovation and Taste

Christian Selmoni, Vacheron Constantin’s Director of Style and Heritage, noted that the brands’ shared pursuit of perfection catalyzed innovation and aesthetic refinement. Both brands, with centuries of legacy, constantly endeavor to surpass the limits of what is possible.

Unveiling the Mechanics: Exceptional Calibre 1990

Via – Vacheron Constantin

A Masterpiece of Engineering

The Les Cabinotiers Armillary Tourbillon is equipped with the exceptional caliber 1990, a hand-wound in-house movement that incorporates technical advancements from the Maison’s most complex creation, Reference 57260. This intricate movement showcases a bi-retrograde display, reminiscent of vintage motor car speedometers, with swift returns of the hands.

A Dance of Precision: The Armillary Tourbillon

The tourbillon, a testament to horological ingenuity, features an intricate “armillary” design, paying homage to the celestial sphere’s armillas. This complex regulator, designed to counteract gravity’s effects, showcases a mesmerizing interplay of nested carriages rotating on different axes. The tourbillon’s presence is not merely ornamental; it ensures accurate timekeeping, further justifying its placement in a vertical position on the car fascia.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation

The Les Cabinotiers Armillary Tourbillon exhibits a cylindrical balance spring, a rarity in contemporary watchmaking. This ingenious feature, coupled with a silicon escape wheel and pallet lever, contributes to exceptional precision and reliability. The caliber’s technical innovations have resulted in the filing of four patents, highlighting its pioneering advancements.

Elegance in Every Detail: A Tribute to Tradition

Via – Vacheron Constantin

A Nod to Heritage

The Les Cabinotiers Armillary Tourbillon doesn’t merely embrace innovation; it pays homage to traditional craftsmanship. The crown’s oversized design, positioned at 12 o’clock, nods to vintage hand-wound chronometers, while the minute’s track harks back to classic speedometers.

Craftsmanship Meets Luxury

In the realm where luxury automobiles meet fine watchmaking, Vacheron Constantin and Rolls-Royce’s collaboration has birthed an objet d’art that celebrates the essence of luxury. The Les Cabinotiers Armillary Tourbillon doesn’t merely tell time; it tells a story of passion, precision, and the seamless marriage of mechanical mastery and opulent design.


In conclusion, the Les Cabinotiers Armillary Tourbillon 9880C/000A-182C stands as an enduring testament to precision, artistry, and innovation. As the culmination of a collaboration between Vacheron Constantin, the revered watch Manufacturer, and Rolls-Royce, the iconic British luxury house, this timepiece transcends traditional boundaries. This timepiece is not just a watch; it is a masterpiece of engineering and design. The exceptional caliber 1990, with its bi-retrograde display and innovative cylindrical balance spring, showcases a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

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