Elvis Presley Watch Collection Is Worth Over $3 Million

This is the watch collection of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley watch collection includes some of the best timepieces from Rolex, Omega, and Hamilton. The will-renowned rock singer is among the best and the greatest of all time. No matter what age group you’re from or which generation you’re from, it is unlikely that you haven’t heard the name. Throughout his career, the rock and roll legend has collected some of the best watches that are selling for over a million dollars in many auctions. Let’s look at the best watches that singer Elvis Presley collected over his career.

1. Tiffany-Stamped Omega


Starting with the most expensive watch in Elvis Presley watch collection. RCA Records gifted him a Tiffany & Co. stamped Omega in 1961 to celebrate 75 million copies of his records sold. The watch features a white gold case with 44 diamonds embedded on its dial. The watch went for auction and grabbed a record price of $1.8 million.

2. Rolex Submariner Big Crown

Wind Vintage

Elvis Presley also has a cool 1958 Rolex Submariner Big Crown in his collection. The Big Crown is among the best and rare vintage models of the submariner that is still in demand among enthusiasts. Sean Connery aka James Bond also wore this same model in the 1962 film Dr. No Only. The watch features an oversized crown along with a red triable in the bezel with no crown guard. The watch currently retails for around $1 million or more depending upon the price.

3. Corum Buckingham


Next comes the Corum BIchkingham that the rock legend has got inside his collection. The specific 60s edition came with an 18k gold case with an oversized square gold dial and sold for around $65,000 in an auction. Elvis gave it to his bodyguard which he wore until the singer’s death.

4. Omega Constellation


Next comes the star of Elvis’ collection which he wore throughout his service in the U.S Army. The watch features a pink gold plated stainless steel case with the brand’s logo inside its dial. This timeless piece of marvel is worth around $55,000 on the various luxury watch website.

5. Hamilton Ventura


It is unlikely that the country’s biggest icon wearing the most auspicious watch from his expensive collection. The eye looks incredible with its asymmetrical shape and offers an excellent vintage look that Elvis wore in his 1961 film Hawaii. The watch has a worth of around $25,000.

6. Rolex King Midas

Revolution Watch

Next comes the Rolex King Midas, among the few Rolexes designed by Gerald Genta. This rare piece of history is named after Greek mythology and was made completely out of gold. The watchmaker made only 1,000 examples of the watch of which Presley had 343 number watch. The watch is currently worth around $15,000.


Elvis Presley is a world-renowned rock singer and an icon in the music industry. His watch collection is worth over #3 million and includes some of the best timepieces from luxury watchmakers. His watches perfectly fit his prestigious and successful music career.

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